35cm Werthers Collection Topiary


This item has been made by hand just for you and comes wrapped in cellophane with a bow and gift card.

This item is made to order, please allow 2 working days for delivery on this item.


Eclairs, glucose syrup,sugar,palm fat,condensed skimmed milk,sorbitol syrup,cocoa mass,whole milk powder,cream,condensed whey,butter,soya,salt.

Butter mints, glucose syrup,sugar,cream,condensed whey milk,butter,caramelised sugar syrup,soya lecithin.

Soft caramels, glucose syrup,sugar,condensed skimmed milk,palm fat,sorbitol syrup,cream,condensed whey,butter,salt.

Creamy filling, sugar,glucose syrup,glucose fructose syrup,cream,condensed whey,butter,condensed skimmed milk,salt,butter fat,whey powder,soya lecithin.