We are proud to present our sympathy collection on this site, we understand that ordering flowers and writing card messages to loved ones is one of the most stressful and upsetting things that you are going to have to do. On this site we have tried to make it as stress free as possible. When you click on our sympathy collection all of the items will have a description am a price, the designs in our site are ideas of things you can have, so if there is a design you like but wish to make slight changes to the design or would like it in another colour call us and we will be happy to arrange this for you. When ordering flowers for a funeral is it usual to send the flowers either to the undertakers or to the house, if delivering to the undertakers we will liaise a delivery time with them. If you are purchasing a tribute and require more than 1 card message for an item we are happy to accommodate this.  Although we would prefer you to call and place an order for the items you would like we understand that it may not always be convenient, if you order using our online service, one of our team will call you on receipt of order to confirm we have received it and confirm the delivery day, and see when you would like to do regarding card messages - it could be you are local to our store, you may choose to pop in and write cards or make your selection and take them away with you for a little bit of thinking time. Whatever you decide to do we are happy to help and advise you where we can. 

As there are so many items on our sympathy pages we would advise you make note of the reference numbers of the items you are interested in as it will make it easier to search them at a later date.